Thursday, October 25, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving (day 3)

Have you ever thought to be thankful for pain and exhaustion? Me neither, but today as I drove home from spending a few hours at the pumpkin patch with the girls, I realized that they are both sort of a blessing. Can you imagine how dangerous life would be without pain? Not chronic pain (I have that too, and I'm still working on how to be thankful for it), but the temporary, has-an-obvious-reason pain that comes with injury or illness?

Without pain you would never know to slow down because your body can't handle something. Without pain, you might never know you needed medical attention. Without pain, you could likely work yourself to death. Without exhaustion, same thing. They are the body's speed bumps and stop signs. They tell us to stop or to at the very least, slow down and rest. As much as we all detest having our plans sidetracked, sometimes we need it.

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