Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving (day 8)

Today happens to be the day that the majority of people we know are participating in something we don't. And it's a day that I am very thankful we get to make that choice. It isn't a popular one, because a good number of people take our non-participation as personal "judgment" against their decision ... but that's just the unfortunate by-product that we see taking a "side" on anything popular. I've come to expect it, and it *almost* doesn't bother me anymore.

Tonight, however, after a very slim turnout for Bible class (it's very upsetting to me, but I'm going to hold my tongue), we came home and built a fire in our backyard fire pit. The girls pulled a big blanket out and we sat around the crackling fire roasting hot dogs and then marshmallows. If you asked my girls how their Halloween was, they would say it was the "best Halloween EVER". In fact, they did say that to us many, many times. Thankfulness that my children have learned how to find joy outside of  "the norm" abounds tonight.

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