Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving (day 9)

Educational choice. Freedom of religion. My day was crazy today, as it is every other Thursday, but it was crazy because of liberties we enjoy in the United States of America that we might not have in other nations. Today, the girls and I left the house at 8:15am and got back home at 6pm. We were running from one activity to another all day, and we are exhausted, but our lives are richly blessed and we would never even consider taking our crazy days for granted.

The morning began with our geography co-op. We learned about the country of Thailand today; the children were particularly intrigued by the little boy we read about in Children Like Me. Suchart is a 12-year-old boy whose mother died when he was very young. He is living in a Buddhist temple, studying to be a monk. His living conditions are, well, foreign to our children who are used to ample square footage. Learning that all boys in Thailand will spend time being trained in a Buddhist temple is another oddity that perplexed them. They aren't used to the idea of anything being "required" in terms of their life choices, and to some extent, that is a good thing.

We also made our flat-people today, and within a month the flat-group will be sent off into the world on a little flat-field-trip. It is amazing to think of the adventures our own children could have if they were able to make a similar journey!

After geography, we rushed off to the library, where Morgan, Jamie, and Danica cast their vote for our nation's President in a mock election. The older two were shocked and almost disgusted that Dani just "picked the top one", instead of knowing what it was she was voting for. I snickered, but my hope is that they will carry this knowledge into adulthood and never make an uninformed vote once they are of legal age to participate in a real election.

Our almost-last stop of the day (of course there was the inevitable payday-run to the grocery store on the way home, but that's nothing unusual) was a scout meeting. I can't tell you how thankful I am that the girls have an organization like American Heritage Girls available to them. Our values system doesn't allow us to support the Girl Scouts at all, so Pete and I were thrilled to learn that there was not one, but several troops in the area for us to choose from. I am loving the group we are with, too!

Our life is a rich one ... but it sure makes a mama tired! 

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