Monday, March 30, 2009

D'ja ever get a bad case of writer's block?

I've got so much going on in my life right now, I could write volumes....but for some reason, I'm sitting here right now with a blank stare and a blanker mind. Too much going on, perhaps?

Okay, Charlie, seriously, remove your little orange-striped hiney from the desk, willya, please? I can't see the screen!! No, the cursor isn't there for your amusement.......MOVE IT!
Back to the hefty business of trying to pick my own know, sometimes there's just too much going on to think clearly, even if you've got to put your entire mind to each and every one of those goings-on. I dunno, maybe it's the pollen that has collected into yellowy-green puddles of stuck-on powder on everything as far as the eye can see that is blocking the thought process, but I think it has a lot more to do with the sheer amount of weighty matters, all converging at once. It's probably time to do a mind-dejunk again, because simplification is in order!
First things first, though....dinner. Crockpot 10-bean soup. Simple enough? 'Tis for me!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where'd I go?

I'm terrible at this blogging thing lately, aren't I? I've got three (four if you count mine) birthdays, a kiddo's Army graduation, a weekful of visitors from all over the country...and shoot, a bunch of daily life to catch up on. I'm horrible. Grant me the worst blogger of the month award, go ahead.

Lessee....a month in a nutshell.....Morgan is now five years old

Jon turned 19 and graduated from his Army AIT here at Redstone and has moved on to Fort Campbell, OFFICIALLY leaving the nest

Pete's dad visited, Jill and her family visited, Kelsey's "friend" visited from Alaska, we ate way too much in too many restaurants, spent too much money, rearranged two bedrooms, and I got a kidney infection and had a good scare waiting to hear if my gall bladder needed to be taken out. Kelsey turned 17, I turned 36, and Pete shocked me with a gift I've been hinting around for YEARS on my birthday--a Kitchen Aid mixer--so now I have no excuse NOT to make tons of homemade bread, pizza doughs, and cookies. I'm also now 19 weeks pregnant and waiting ever-so-impatiently for that ultrasound next Wednesday (April Fool's Day?? eek.) to MAYBE see if we might need to finally buy some BLUE baby clothes...Eh, all in a month's work. I'm exhauted, we're broke (no more eating out for us any time soon!), and I'm absolutely shocked that I finally have time to sit in front of a computer screen!

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