The Campers

Here's "us". Pete and Kris. High school sweethearts, partners, and "still crazy after all these years". Pete is retired from the US Army and now does his dream job as a field engineer for Lockheed Martin. He's a hands-on, geeky kind of guy. Always with some sort of techy doodad in hand. I'm "just a mom", which essentially means I'm busier than Pete has ever been or ever WILL be. I'm the chef, nanny, housekeeper, chief gardener, chauffeur, teacher, referee, doctor, drill sergeant, organizer, and occasionally the plumber. In my spare time I like to sleep.

Our oldest child and only son, Jon, with his wife Meagan. Jon is a missile maintenance technician in the US Army and has already worried his mother senseless with a year-long deployment to Afghanistan since he graduated from high school in 2008. Jon and Meagan live about 2.5 hours away from us, so we do get to see them fairly often, but not often enough!!!

Our oldest daughter Kelsey and her hubby Derrick. Like Mom and Dad, Kelsey and Derrick spent a big chunk of their first year of marriage separated geographically due to Army training. Derrick is training to be one of the Army's new cyberterrorism warriors--a job his father-in-law and grandfather-in-law are ridiculously jealous of!

Morgan--our princess of all things pink and frilly. Morgan now wears glasses (hmm, must update pictures!) but she sees them more as a really cool fashion accessory rather than the pain in the face that I always did. She's our big helper, always willing to do whatever she can to help make life easier for everybody. I hope that NEVER changes!

 Jamie continues to be our extremist. It's either the "best day ever" or the "worst day ever"; there are no in-betweens with JamieBug! She's one smart cookie, and this is a child who would take on the world if she could find an app for it on Dad's Xoom. Who knows, maybe eventually she'll write that app?

 Danica is our little hugger. Sweet as she can be, and SO emotional! She's starting to come into her own as a "big kid", and is truly enjoying her new position of big sister on the top bunk in the little girls' room.

 It's hard not to fall madly in love with Shelby--she never stops smiling and has the most infectious giggle you've ever heard! Shelby is everybody's best friend!

 Kasey Lee. Our 2-year-old Tiny Tornado. This child could give Allstate's 'mayhem' a run for his money! We have at least four or five "Kaseytastrophes" a week, and they all usually require at least a one-hour recovery cleanup! She has the energy and destructive force of a nuclear warhead! One of these years we are going to figure out how to harness her curiosity and energy (if Mom survives that long, that is) and this little girl is going to be quite an amazing young lady! Right now, she's just ... amazing!
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