Friday, July 25, 2008

One more week?

WELL now....let's scratch that whole "so far there aren't any of the typical pre-eclampsia symptoms like swelling, headaches, spotted vision.....", they're here! The only one left is the doozy--protein in the urine. That one indicates that the elevated blood pressure is messing with kidney function. So far, no protein. But considering how HIGH those BP readings are, even the doctor is convinced it won't be long before it's there. Hmm.....seems this little one may be "interfering" with Daddy's plans to pick up his toy Porsche (relax, folks, it's an oldie he picked up in an even trade for his motorcycle in Germany) next Friday since my next OB appointment is Thursday! If that nice little protein problem arises, it'll be straight to Labor and Delivery for us! Thankfully, they don't mess around with "let's try this" here. They have a NICU and they're not afraid to use it, unlike the hospital in Heidelberg where Danica was born.

I'm swelling as I'm sitting, so this isn't going to be a long, drawn-out blog entry. Just the facts, ma'am. House is *almost* in order. Just about a dozen boxes left IN ALL, thank goodness, and we'll be DONE!

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Qtpies7 said...

Girl, That is crazy!!! A friend of mine who has had two premies because of the high blood pressure switched doctors and they have her amazingly under control! She has past the time of both of the children's births! We are so excited! (her first doc would NOT treat with meds!)
I wonder why meds don't help you. But we are excited to meet Stefani, even if she must come early.

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