Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What do YOU think?

What do you think is the biggest threat to the Church today? I have my thoughts, but I'm interested in hearing yours!

Sooo....what'cha think?


I am blessed! said...

I think we are our own worst enemy. We've become so like the culture, so anti-intellectual (no one reads much less reads the Bible), so "tolerant" that we forget the unequivocal words of Christ that He is the ONLY way. I just finished a study of Acts this year and was really encouraged by Paul's boldness to share the gospel and his complete dying to self and living for Christ. If only all of us were like that think what a different church we would have today!

sheepmom said...

Not respecting that importance of theology. Not being willing to take a stand for Christ. Not evangelizing. And not telling others they are sinners and doomed for hell, but for the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Way back when, in another day and age, those things were talked about when a child woke up and when they walked and when they went about their day.

Now, we don't want to hurt feelings. And this "tolerance gospel" is simply creating false converts.

Great question Kris.

MomOfGr8Kidz said...

I think the biggest threats are ignorance and apathy. We find time to fill our day with so much stuff but can't find time for bible study. How much time do we spend at the ball field or watching tv or surfing the internet? We leave it up to the bible class teacher to feed our children bible knowledge but that is our jobs as parents. They must learn from an early age how important bible study is. I believe that once they have the hunger to study they will also have the hunger to share it with others.

I'd like to hear your thought too.

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