Thursday, December 13, 2007

She's okay...again.

I still stand by my prediction that Jamie will be the first of our children to break a bone. She's just bound and determined to be the one with a standing reservation in a hospital trauma ward! How one child can so fervently jump headlong into danger on a daily basis without the slightest fearful hesitation is just beyond me, but Jamie...well, Jamie is fearless. She seems to have, by osmosis, absorbed the fearlessness that has catapulted Jon and Kelsey into walls, floors, skateboard ramps, poles, and miles of asphalt, but somehow Jamie has all of their combined cavalier bravado concentrated in her tiny 30-pound frame.

Last night, Jamie once again challenged gravity and the vulnerability of growing bones. As if her last stunt (taking a leap off of the coffee table in an effort to fly--only to land face-first on the tile floor and left with a split-open top lip, a bloody and bruised nose, and a loose tooth) wasn't enough proof of her fearlessness, she found it necessary last night to see what would happen if she ignored Mom and just went ahead and let Morgan throw her around. Well....if she hadn't woken up this morning with an only slightly tender arm, we'd be heading to the hospital for x-rays today. She went to bed last night with her little teeny wrist splinted and wrapped in an Ace bandage, because after her rather rough encounter with the floor (and the weight of her own body and Morgan's as well on top of her wrist), she couldn't move it and spent almost four full hours in tears.

This latest injury was probably the closest we've come to actually having a broken bone--well, at least with Jamie. Jon has had close to a dozen ankle sprains to his record, and our health clinic didn't even bother loaning us the crutches--they just GAVE them to us. We've been expecting a break for a long time; it's just not happened yet. But it's only a matter of time.

Perhaps Jamie needs to be outfitted with full football padding? Hmm, does that even come in a 3T?


Qtpies7 said...

Actually, yes, you can get them at
I have one of those. I think he was a full 2 1/2 before his first concussion. And he impacted his front teeth twice that year. And he broke his nose at about 3-4?? He finally broke an ankle about 9 years old.
I think he was 12/13 when he broke his tailbone skateboarding off the roof of the church.

Good luck with that!

Kim & Dave said...

Oh, my word....

That picture is so cute.

I have a DD that that will most likely break a bone before she's two.....aren''t they just so fun?

Keeps me on my toes.....

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