Friday, January 11, 2008

It was inevitable

It took having five children, but now we have one that writes on floors. And walls, and faces, and arms, legs, fingers, whatever she can find to doodle on. From here on out, Dani is going to become very familiar with the use of a Magic Eraser. I'm SUCH a mean mom.

Funny thing, though, the same morning that Dani discovered the joys of putting ink to linoleum, Morgan thought she'd give a ball point pen a go as lipstick. Looks like an ink race track around her lips! OH how I wish I had my camera!!!!!!

Yes, MY camera is still in Pete's desk--at work--full of the pictures I took the two hours I got to use it. No fair. I think I know what he's getting for his birthday next week! That was a VERY sneaky, underhanded way to make sure we needed more than one camera!

1 comment:

trish said...

Our youngest was our writer...mainly on herself...she still does it and it makes me nuts!

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