Friday, January 4, 2008

Looking ahead at 2008

It is already January 4th. HOW did that happen? Who turned the calendar upside-down on me and threw us headlong into a new year when we weren't really finished with the old one yet? Did I miss Christmas? Sure felt like it.

Okay, so all the indicators of the new year were there. We had almost a full night of fireworks, loud music, noisemakers, and revelry of all sorts (some sorts we didn't wish to hear about) going on all around us, so it was a bit hard to avoid knowing that 2008 had arrived. But four days now have disappeared into eternity, and we have very little to show for it except a trash can full of tissues, empty bottles of Nyquil, Dimetapp, and Robitussin, and a full diaper pail. It never ceases to amaze me that when you're sick, time seems to speed up to accentuate everything you've not been a part of. I've done fairly well keeping the rough resolutions I made for myself so far this year. It's not all that hard to find time to devote to God--it's just a matter of doing it. My house is also substantially less cluttered than it has been in recent months--getting rid of a bunch of stuff really helped! Pete and I will go on our first date of the new year tomorrow--this was something I've wanted to do for several years; to devote one day each month (hey, we have to start somewhere) to a date, so we can have a real, dedicated day on a calendar to say is "ours". That Feingold Diet, though...well, considering that when you are trying to eliminate all artificial colors and flavors at a time when your family is surviving only on the medications that are keeping them breathing and not coughing up lungs, and those medications are chock FULL of artificial stuff, well, it's not so easy. Our elimination diet will wait until we can fully eliminate medications.

This year looks to busy. This month and February will be the calm before an inevitable storm. We are planning a trip to Garmisch in early March to do our "last blast of Germany", snowboarding in the Alps, seeing some of the sights we've been wanting to see, and basically taking some time to regroup before all you-know-what breaks loose. We'll probably get orders in March, and after that it's going to be one whirlwind after another. Ship the van and our household goods in April, appoinments of all sorts for transportation and finance and veterinary services in May, and then by June we'll be JUST exhausted enough following the closing of this unit (which Pete is coordinating...YIKES) to drag our hineys to the airport for that LOOOOOOONG flight home. Jon will graduate in June too, so that's yet another transition to deal with. We'll have less than two months to get to our new duty station and get settled before the new baby makes his/her appearance sometime in August, and of course by then, we'll be looking toward the holidays yet again.

I'm tired just thinking about it. My DayRunner is scared. I know full well that condensing a transatlantic move into one paragraph is a gross understatement. I KNOW what's involved. We've done this before. I know what's involved with my prenatal care, and readying not only myself but our family for the arrival of a new baby. I know that having one child graduate, one beginning kindergarten, and a third being introduced to the world all within two months' time is not only going to be a huge transition, but hugely stressful. I don't even want to think about what that 10-12-hour plane trip is going to be like on my seven-month-pregnant self. This year, Jon will finally get his operator's license and take on ownership of his first car. Kelsey will be getting her learner's permit. Morgan will learn to read. Jamie will transition out of diapers. Dani will start talking. Pete and I will see our 19th wedding anniversary. I'll turn 35.

But in perspective.....we are SO BLESSED! We may not have all the luxuries that we'd like, but we don't need anything that the Lord hasn't provided. I can't think of a single meal we've had to miss over the last year (or any of the years before that, for that matter) for a lack of provision. God truly is faithful. He has given us more than we could ever hope for, more than many people ever have. We have enjoyed amazing health, even if it was interrupted briefly with injuries or pregnancy-induced stresses. Through all of the hardships that our individual sins have brought about, we've been blessed with the ability and opportunity to learn from mistakes and make changes to become more of what the Lord would have us to be. Unlike those pitiful souls of Old Testament times, God did not strike us dead on the spot for our transgressions, and I count it an amazing blessing to be graced with the opportunity to be transformed; to have our minds and hearts renewed. To learn what "new life" really means.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings of a new year, a new perspective, and blossoming opportunities!

I think now that I'm feeling at least somewhat better, I'll do some planning so all of this doesn't catch me offguard. As I was studying a bit last night, Psalm 90:12 just seemed to jump out at me. Trying to tell me something, Lord? I think that verse would be GREAT for our family to adopt as our "focus verse" of the year.

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

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~ Angi :) said...

Man o man . . .I'm still juggling our life transition (getting MUCH better at it, thank you) and seeing your line up makes my head swim! yikes! :)

What an adventure to be on!

You can do it, chickie . . .yes, you can. :)

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