Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My computer has allergies!

No, not a virus. It has allergies. I'm convinced the computer is allergic to ME!

I have tried to send pictures via email (which oddly enough, takes three days), I've tried to upload pictures to this blog, I've tried all sorts of things to make it at least appear that I've not fallen off the face of cyberspace into oblivion. I can't. Why? Well, the computer either hiccups, sneezes, coughs, or has a total cardiac arrest every time I try to do anything other than type.

And yes, it IS just me. Jon doesn't have a problem. Kelsey has no issues whatsoever. Pete can get on and do whatever he needs to do, no glitches. ME???? Well, just for experiment's sake, I took over Pete's chair yesterday and spent five minutes checking email before he left to work on his car. No problem. But literally no sooner had his little white convertible disappeared around the corner.........POOF! Blue screen of death. I waited ten minutes and rebooted. It ran....and as soon as I connected to the internet, all you-know-what broke loose and 80-some-odd pages of Internet Explorer invaded my screen. I don't even USE Internet Explorer! I gave up and turned the stinkin' thing off.

Pete came home, turned it back on, and went about his business with no problems. It shows no viruses, nothing "weird". But like I told him, virus software can't check for allergies!

User friendly? NOT!!!!!!

I have over two dozen really cute pictures from Jamie's birthday party that I can't load. I can't play Wordless Wednesday. I can't even look up some of the blogs on my own page.....because my silly computer is allergic to me.

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Qtpies7 said...

Hehe, been there! Not fun. It will pass though. Maybe they don't like pregnant people. It could be the baby and not you. Grab that and run with it, it'll feel better.

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