Friday, February 8, 2008

Ok, Lord, we're ready for some good news!

Have you ever just had one of "those" weeks? The types of weeks where it just seems like you can't catch a break? This is one of those. Thank God it's almost over, I'm ready for a new week!

It seems I didn't get quite enough of that flu that was circulating a few weeks ago, because I now have it AGAIN. I'd love to find the release valve on my sinuses right about now, because WOW it is getting painful! Of course, there's also this leave-us-hanging-without-a-clue orders ordeal...but Pete thought for sure he'd be one step closer to more perfect eyesight Monday. He went today for his lasik pre-op appointment, the surgery WAS scheduled for 7am Monday morning. It's not anymore. Apparently somewhere along the line the optometry clinics have missed one little minute detail about Pete's eyes--his corneas are too thin for laser surgery. That was one VERY disappointed man I talked to on the phone this morning. It must stink to find out you're stuck being blind with the rest of the four-eyes club for the rest of your life when you thought for sure you were going to finally get to live a visually un-corrected life. Bummer, hon.

And, of course, after all the fighting, rebellion, and general nastiness we've dealt with from our teens, we FINALLY get a string of good behavior and POOF.....what's that saying, "No good deed goes unpunished"? Jon and Kelsey met a couple of their friends yesterday to partake of a free day of bowling at our base's bowling center and overheard the two teen sons of one of Pete's soldiers bragging about the "score" they were getting at school, and it was verified by several other of the high school bus riders that the boys were bragging about finally getting a supplier for their pot habit at school. Well.....Kelsey's friend is the daughter of an MP. Kelsey made a phone call, alerting the military police to what was being said, and today....well, today these two boys relayed a message from their MOTHER about how awful my kids are to want someone's father to lose a stripe after he'd worked so hard for his promotion.....she holds MY children responsible for HER sons getting investigated by the criminal investigation division. I've instructed them to avoid these two at ALL costs and to merely say that if it turns out to be nothing (which it wasn't.....they came off the bus today with a full stash, so say the other students), my kids will personally apologize to the boys' parents. A true lesson in being attacked for doing the right thing. And yes, I did tell them how proud we were for standing up for what's right. I just wish it wasn't so hard on them; this community is already so small, it's hard enough for them to make a clean start without people second-guessing everything.

I really want to just start over next week with a GREAT announcement in Pete's official email box and the go-ahead to get going on this move. We're fairly certain it's going to be Redstone Arsenal....but those official channels and red tape, they're just killing us with this wait!

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