Friday, August 1, 2008

Guess what I found?????

MY CAMERA CABLE AND CHARGER!!!! And in, of all places, the front closet where Pete's keys "live" when they're not in his pocket. Right there, in plain sight, on the very top shelf. Funny. I was in there looking for a set of valances I've still not found! Is there a black hole sucking in stuff that I'm looking for?

WOWSERS there is a ton of blogging to be done with all of these pictures I've accumulated!! But first things first, let me show you how far we've come in the weeks.

From this (checking in at the Frankfurt International Airport on June 13th)
To this (trying desperately to keep the monstrous box mountain OUT of the house while awaiting pickup of the discarded cardboard)
To this (Ahh, sweet least for SOME of us!)
It's nice to have my camera capabilities back!

1 comment:

Qtpies7 said...

What a cute kitten!
I am so glad you found the cables! When that baby comes we wanna see pics!

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