Friday, August 1, 2008

The name game, version 6

We've not really had an "easy" time naming any of our children, but when a name suddenly felt "right", we knew to stick with it. Well, suddenly now after how many weeks of being set on Stefani Kate, it just doesn't feel right. Especially since we got to see this fat little face a couple of weeks ago during the only 4D ultrasound I've ever had--she's just not looking like a Stefani! See?This little pudge (and this was at 33 weeks, mind you, she was already quite the chubster two weeks ago!) looks just like big sister Morgan, but with more 'fluff'. She's got the Harker brow, Morgan and Kelsey's pudgy little nose, and some seriously fat cheeks for a 33-weeker! When I had my doctor's appointment yesterday, the doctor did another ultrasound and even HE said she's a chunk!

Anyhoo, we're still set on using Pete's grandmother's name for her middle name, and that's Kathleen. Now it's just settling on a first name that has us stumped! I detest not "knowing" what a baby's name is, but this one may be a lot like Kelsey in that she gets her name the minute we look at her in person!


Qtpies7 said...

Nope, I don't see Stephani, either. Good luck with that!
I love naming babies, though! I almost hate when we finally settle on a name because then it is done.
If I was content to leave well enough alone, I would have a River Faith instead of Trinity Renee.

Keeping up with Joneses said...

What a sweet little one.
Praying that you can her "cook" for a little bit longer.
(from RM)

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