Monday, May 4, 2009

Just your average Monday.

It's Monday. I've lost my voice AND my mind. Which one do you think I will miss the most?

Apparently, my mind....because now I can't even write! WHY, you ask? Well, DUH....I already told you my voice is gone. What am I supposed to say with no voice?

Back to the "lost my mind" deal again......methinks I've had enough cold medicine for today!


Luke said...

[giggle] Get well soon.


Sheri said...

My kids appreciate it when I lose my voice to a cold/virus...not very nice are they? LOL...seriously tho-hope you feel better and the mind thing? Well I lost mine 21 years ago when I became a mom-haven't seen it since!

Stonefox said...

Totally off subject...when is your due date? We are probably due around the same time. Mine is Aug 5

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