Friday, May 1, 2009

That is one BIG binder!

Seriously, folks, aside from some of the ginormous training manuals Pete has brought home over his Army career, I don't think I've EVER seen a 3-ring binder THIS big and THIS full! Wowsers! Somebody at Sonlight has done a TON of homework for my benefit (oh, and for others too, but I'll let them be thankful in their own time), and believe you me, I am forever grateful!!! This big, huge (yes, Pete, I redundified myself again--oooh, and made up a new word!) binder holds the Instructor Guide for Sonlight's Core K, the Instructor Guide for the kindergarten language arts course, the schedule for the readers, plus the Instructor Guide for kindergarten science! There are also numerous activity sheets in there as well, and if the nasty glares I'm getting from Morgan and Jamie when I tell them that "no, we can't start school today, Mom still needs to get acquainted with umpteen hundred pages in my binder!," then I can pretty well guarantee that they'll LOVE all the wondermous goodness that's ahead for us in the next school year! Just LOOK at this thing!!!!! Isn't it HUGE???? It's bigger--well, fuller--than the binder I had for Jon and Kelsey two years ago when we did American History in Depth for high school!
I'm just in awe. It's enormous. This is "Momster Binder" sitting on my cluttered (I'm still working on that) desk next to my poor, pitiful little Home Management Binder, which I assure you, is no lightweight itself!The inside.....just getting to Page 1 seems intimidating, except for the fact that my entire year is already planned out for me day-by-day, and I just LOVE that! No more planning too much and not getting nearly what I'd like to do accomplished!
Oh yeah....the other "meat" of the Core K program--the BOOKS!!! Wonderful, glorious BOOKS!!! All grade-stickered (hence the pink spine-labels) and covered in Contact Paper for their protection (and my peace of mind--these babies have got to last through three more babies)!
Speaking of the aforementioned Home Management Binder, I've tweeked a bit from last year. Wait, strike that. TWO years ago. I figured the title page needed a bit of updating since the pictures I had on it were, well, OLD. Besides, we've added another face. I like to do my section title pages in scrapbook style--it gives me a little boost to actually USE the binder since I do like it so much once it's done to my standards! Notice I left a tag to put our [still unnamed] unborn little one's picture on once she arrives? Hey, leave no stone unturned! The scripture at the bottom is the same as it was on the page I replaced, Proverbs 31:27.I also added a section for my own studies (notes from sermons I want to look further into, study handouts from Bible Class, other stuff here and there) and a journal! Streamlining! Woooohooo!
This may seem like a boring picture to you, but for some reason, it inspired both Pete and Kelsey to laugh at me and how.....over-organized I am trying to be. Huh? I don't get it. What's the big deal about colored index cards and wet erase markers to write on my page protectors so I don't have to print out page after page after page? Sheesh, give a gal a break, willya?
Now that I've got Morgan and Jamie planned for, it's on to planning for Kelsey. Easy, for the most part, since she wants her entire senior year to be on computer. Switched-On-Schoolhouse it is! Lesseee.....Chemistry (again--Apologia seemed to just be too in depth for her), English 12, American History (again--Pete was NOT thrilled that she seemed to retain nothing about US History from a few years ago, so this is by his insistence that she take it over), Family Sciences (ooooh, a fancy title for "home ec"), Art, Civics, and still an elective or two to figure out. It is all about to come crashing down around her just how close she really is to graduation, considering we're attending our homeschool group's graduation ceremony for this year's grads TONIGHT. Wow. Next year (good Lord willing and the creek don't rise....whatever that means), it will be Kelsey in a cap and gown! Heehee.....we'll have to do a kindergarten graduation too!


Qtpies7 said...

Wow, that is a monster binder!
I have to get K curric this summer for next year. I am thinking I am just going to stick with Christian Liberty, I've always loved them.
Should be fun homeschooling again and being pregnant.

Kris said...

Hey, homeschooling and being pregnant is no biggie, it gives you a wonderful reason to do little more than sit on the couch and READ all day long! Perfect when you're stuck on bedrest! I'm actually hoping to get about a month or so ahead with Morgan and Jamie so when the baby is born and Pete's on leave, we don't end up behind!

I liked Christian Liberty too, but I love having everything planned out for me! My Father's World was my second choice to Sonlight, it's a WHOLE bunch cheaper in the early grades (K looked especially great!) and still has the day-to-day schedule!

Luke said...

Look at that binder! It's huge!

[smile] Love it. May this be your best year yet... when you finally feel ready to get going with it [smile].


Qtpies7 said...

I looked at MFW and decided to stick with CL, it just didn't seem that complete to me. I am seriously concidering getting cuisenaire rods this time around, though. Math was sorely lacking with some of the kids who didn't have a knack for it.
Have you used them?
I ordered for Trin already, and I am so excited to start next year!

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