Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shelby the Chubmuffin

Shelby (commonly referred to as "Lebby" by big sister Danica, or "Lebby-Lu" by the rest of us) is now 8 and a half months old, and is officially the biggest of our babies. She tips the scale at a full 20lbs. 4oz., and while she's short (duh....Dad and Mom aren't even on the tall side of average), she wears every little ounce well! Check out this pic, snapped last week, wearing a medium Green Acre Designs cloth diaper that is now too small....and a size 12 months lap tee that is so strained that it rolls up on her like her socks roll down! (Please pardon the stain...she decided to christen the bright-white tee with some pureed sweet potatoes that she'd had quite enough of, thank you very much!)

We do love to show off those new chompers--if only she could find a way to show you the top two, I'm sure she would!

Ah, yes....hugeness in action....Shelby's favorite bathrime trick, using all of her weight to throw around every drop of water in the sink! She loves making waves--and it is a pretty handy time to mop up the floor when she's done, because for heaven's sake...the floor is already soaking wet from the tsunami she causes!

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Deanna said...

Oh SO adorable!!!

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