Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dinner and a funny

Our kids never cease to provide entertainment, even in the most neutral of places! Kelsey dropped us again last night in favor of bowling with her buddies and their parents (Notice we weren't invited??? What's THAT all about?), so Pete and I took the opportunity to go out to eat without our priciest family member. I'm not being mean, folks....honest to goodness, Kelsey is notorious for ordering meals that equal two or three of what Pete or I order! Anyway, since we're cheap and the three littles are kinda difficult to please, we chose a safe restaurant--Shoney's. I knew they had catfish on their Friday night buffet, and Pete is a big catfish fan. Me? Well, I wanted me some shrimp!

The food wasn't five-star, but it was better (and more abundant) than a similarly-priced meal at Captain D's a few weeks ago. Shelby shocked us both by actually sitting IN the high chair almost the entire meal, and even ate some mashed potatoes, COLLARD GREENS (gotta love those Southern babies!), a wee bite or two of catfish that Daddy snuck in, and some peaches.

The delight of the entire night, however, and loud enough to be heard by everyone around us, was a quip Jamie made after Pete told the girls how proud he was of their behavior during dinner. Jamie got up from her seat, went over to Pete, and with a big hug, said, "Daddy, I'm proud of you too, you did a good job eating all that food and sitting still in your seat!"

The table behind us broke into rolling laughter. Pete couldn't stop laughing for almost five minutes.

Oh my. You gotta love these little people!


Kathleen said...

That is just hilarious. And precious!!

momofgr8kidz said...

I love it! Your kids are so cute.

Dawn said...

*giggle* oh that was just too cute. :)

Shoney's still exists? Wow...didn't know I love those little Shoney bears they used to sell.

There is a Captain D's in our area but I am not a seafood person so I wouldn't eat there. It looks really rundown and dumpy actually...maybe it's not even open...who knows...

Blessings to you!

Wendy said...

Very cute story Kris. I love the pics of all the kids too. It's been a while since I've been here!

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