Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I did it!!!!

I'm in shock; Kelsey is in shock; Pete is beside himself....but my bookshelves are almost audibly breathing a sigh of relief!!! If Kelsey hadn't killed my camera battery videotaping her speech over and over again, I'd have pictures, but I'm SOOOOO glad I did it! I've got one big, tall shelf for scrapbook/hobby/cookbook stuff; one big, tall shelf for school books (with enough empty space on it to allow for some storage of extra supplies too!), and I managed to weed out enough of the Bible-help books that we'll never use to get all of our Bible references on one small shelf in the hallway! I feel so organized!

And hey, I am definitely going to be bringing at least three milk-crates full of homeschool helps and literary classic-type stuff (not to mention the two boxes (is it two??) full of curriculum that has been toted to and from Europe TWICE now) to the NACS meeting Monday, for any of you in-town gals who are interested in cluttering up your shelves to help me rid my own! Ooh....I need to go through the girls' closet too!

I'm on a roll! Umm...this can't be nesting already, can it?


Tina said...

I am soooo proud of you!!
So, can you come over and go through MY closets, too, please?

I have planned to clean out my basement on Saturday (if my horrible hurting neck/back/shoulder let me move), so you're a great encouragement for me! :-)

Luke said...

Good work! Getting rid of things can be very hard work, especially if it involves things you love. Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

Yay for the bookshelves! It's such a relief to get organized. I haven't even attempted all the books, YET...but they are on the list for one of these days.

It's been great to read and catch up on your blog.

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