Thursday, April 2, 2009


Nope, no baby news yet, I've still got two hours. Longest two hours of.....well, no, not of my life. The last two hours of labor is pretty long!'s amazing what a difference a day makes, especially when you get almost ten hours of SLEEP!!!!!! Sleep is good. Sleep makes one very well refreshed and much better able to face a day! No, Shelby didn't sleep through the night, and I didn't sleep past 8am, but when she got up at 2 and at 6, she went back to sleep, which is a VERY good thing for this sleep-deprived mom!

Yes, I'm wasting time. I'm jittery. I'm anxious. I'm a MESS! This may (okay, if Pete sticks to his guns, it WILL) be our last baby, and I am just dying to know if we'll have bookend boys. We've got our names picked out and ready (with one slight change on the girls' name)--Benjamin Charles for a boy (Benjamin means "son of my right hand"--and Pete is only using his right hand these days, hahaha!!--and Charles because Chuck just needs a namesake, right Jill?) and Ella Marie for a girl. My two grandmothers who passed from this life in the last few years were both Mary E., so we turned it around and chose to name a girl E. Marie...and Ella is a just-shortened version of my great-grandmother Della's name, plus it means "entire". Fitting, either way!

Soo.....all ye who are bored, what say ye? Will it be a Benjamin or an Ella?

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