Monday, April 6, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook, 4/6/09

FOR TODAY, April 6, 2009...

Outside my window... It is dreary, windy, and the air has an odd chill to it that is a stark contrast to the warmth we've had the last few days.

I am thinking... way too much. My mind is tired.

I am thankful for... all the blessings that seem to crowd my mind lately. Funny thing about blessings, they always come with a hefty amount of responsibility, whether the blessing is in the form of children, material wealth, or even friends! You can't ever just "have" something in this life.

From the learning rooms... Kelsey is working on memorizing her speech for the Lads to Leaders Convention this weekend, and I am spending just far too much time in thought and planning for our next school year. You'd think after eleven years of this it would be easy. Not so much!

From the kitchen... I have to cook? Oops, I guess that's another thing to add to my to-do list. Meal planning and grocery shopping.

I am wearing... yoga pants and a tee. Comfy is the rule today.

I am creating... well, not much. I'm not feeling very creative today. Maybe tomorrow?

I am going... to take Kelsey for her eye doctor's appointment this afternoon, and then go grocery shopping. Other than that, it's just too icky outside to be anywhere but inside!

I am reading... Teaching the Trivium, The Well-Trained Mind, and The Organized Homeschooler. Notice a trend? Must be planning time again.

I am hoping... to somehow rid myself of the need to do EVERYTHING--it's as much of an addiction as any other, I'm afraid.

I am hearing... Shelby fussing because she doesn't want to be in her crib, where I left her when she woke up as soon as I laid her down. I suppose one of these days she'll learn how to sleep?

Around the house... are piles of laundry in need of putting away. Pretty typical for a Monday.

One of my favorite things... lately? Sleep. It's in short supply.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish getting the girls' two bedrooms arranged to my satisfaction. So far, so good. We picked up four of the fabric "baskets" for the cube-shelf doohickey in Morgan/Jamie's room, and a toybox/bookshelf for the school/craft room. Getting all of the teeny-kiddo toys out where the littles can play with them while I'm working with the middles will certainly be helpful, and not having to trip over blankets and toys on the way to Shelby's crib in the middle of the night would certainly be nice!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Shelby is already (at a week under 8 months) pulling up on everything she can! Sure, it would be nice if she was walking before this new baby is born, but GOODNESS!!!! You'd think she'd want to at least crawl first!

Many thanks to Peggy for hosting The Simple Woman's Daybook!


Scrappy Girl said...

Found ya while blog surfing...what a cute little one...we have 2 little ones that are only 10 months 3 weeks apart!

Dawn said...

Awww..she's so precious. :-)

Are you sure you want her to start walking with a newborn soon to be born? You'll have the baby in a sling while you go chase Shelby throughout the house...I can just see it. :-P

Blessings to you <(((><

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