Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm glad THAT's over!

After, um....a full day of househunting (one day--that was all it took!), five weeks of waiting for the VA and the loan process and all the inspections and repairs, two days of packing and loading, one week of frantic cleaning (Pete did that one completely on his own, YAY!!) of the "old" house on base, and now a week of unpacking, we are *nearly* settled in our very own, new-to-us house!
I'm so glad we are finishing up with this whole military life thing; it was really beginning to wear on all of us, constantly moving from one place to another. It's wonderful to be putting down real, live roots for once, and (Lord willing) we hope to be here a good, LONG time.
Pictures will come in time, right now my camera battery charger is buried somewhere in this sea of cardboard and stuff needing a place to "live". Funny how moving from 1400 square feet to 2600 square feet REALLY makes things a lot easier to visualize when it comes to putting things away. I like it!
Our house on base cleared without a hitch (except for the $40 we had to pay for the window screen the repairmen failed to repair when they came out a few weeks ago to work on five screens....and missed one.....and the HUGE red soda stain underneath Kelsey's bed--yes, UNDER her bed), and the move went pretty well for the most part. For the first time, we had an injury on moving day. Not one of us, thankfully, but unfortunately one of our movers fell from the truck when the ramp collapsed, and he had to be taken to the urgent care center to set a broken wrist and doctor a pretty nasty scraped-up leg. I'm glad it wasn't any worse! On moving day, Shelby had a run-in with a wasp that had gotten into the house through the constantly-open doors, but no bad reaction. The only ER visit we've had was taking Morgan to the pediatric ER when she fell on the front porch (when Mom says don't run, DON'T RUN!!!) Sunday morning and ended up with a concussion. She's fine now....and at this point, we're just settling in!
True to my work-best-under-stress form, we're expecting Pete's dad and his wife to join us for Thanksgiving tomorrow....so I suppose my ever-so-slight "free" time on the internet has to come to a rapid close as I attempt to get this disaster area of a house made into a home for the holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! How do you do it?! I felt exhausted just reading it and thinking about all that you have to do! We've been with the USAF for 6 years now and it's so amazing how fast it's going. We have no idea where we want to end up! Well congratulations on your "new-to-you" home! It must feel fabulous to be settled. Although I enjoy travelling, it's nothing like being some place that's all yours and not on a timer ya know? I wish you guys the best during this transition! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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