Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're "getting there"

This is not going to be anywhere near the blog post I wanted it to be, because my wrist is screaming in pain at me; I've reinjured the tendon (this time I'm pretty sure I've torn it) and I still can't find the splint the doctor had me wearing to immobilize it previously. It's made getting things done slow-going in my estimation; I'm normally one to have every box out of the house within a week, but this time....well, not so much.

There isn't a single "done" room in the house yet, and believe it or not, two weeks after moving day, that drives me bananas. The living room comes close; we still have a couple of boxes of DVD's and VHS tapes (yes, we still have those relics!) that we're going through to weed out the ones we'll never watch again, the ones not worth keeping, and the ones we haven't even taken out of the shrink wrap (Pete is notorious for buying "bargain" movies that end up being forgotten about). I've kept the girls' videos and the series like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and a couple of others, plus my historical fiction faves (The Patriot, Braveheart, Master and Commander, Pete's WW2 flicks, stuff like that), so we're not totally wiping out our video library, but we are SERIOUSLY cutting back. Why on earth would we keep it all and still pay Netflix every month? Anyway....other than the movies and the lack of anything on the walls, the living room is pretty much put together.

The girls' room (that big, huge bonus room) is coming together slooooowly. This is a new kind of problem for me; we've got more space than we've ever had, and sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to figure out how best to use it all! We do have to finish their closet (right now it's bare studs on one side, unfinished sheet rock on the other) before we can hang their clothes, but I may end up getting a couple of shower curtain rods to hang in the meantime. It's a BIG closet; it oughtta be interesting to try to figure out how best to organize it. We're also still trying to figure out how to set the room-size heat pump to heat...so far, I've only figured out how to make the room colder, and that's a tad unnecessary considering we're already seeing some rather wintery weather already!

The kitchen isn't too far from "done", all things considered. Until we get the built-in microwave working (after sitting vacant for nearly two years, the house was bound to have something that didn't work), our little microwave is on the counter, so....it's sucking up a LOT of counterspace and makes me feel cramped--so it needs to go!

The master bedroom....aside from not having an ensuite bathroom, it's an absolute DREAM! It is quite literally TWICE the size of the largest bedroom we've ever had, and even with a bunch of boxes still in there, we have more than enough space. I'm really loving the king-sized bed (yay for Pete having room to do his nightly fish-flopping without knocking me off the bed!) and having a dresser again! Get this....thanks to Pete's dad wanting to re-do their basement and bringing us their second couch and love seat, we now have a sofa IN our room.....once it's decorated (and the crib is out), it's going to resemble a hotel suite in there! Cool!!!

Okay, my hand has about had it for typing today. Time to go try to knock out a couple more boxes and do some more laundry! I wonder if I can find that camera battery charger today? Hey, anyone in Huntsville know of someone who needs a year-old washer/dryer? Shoot, if anyone wants to come get it, they can have it pretty cheap! We, um, don't need two!

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