Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One room down, how many left?

It took a day longer than anticipated (doesn't it always?), but the girls' room is DONE. Okay, maybe not ALL the way done....there's an unfinished closet that kind of hinders clothes being hung up, but the dressers are filled, the toys are put in their respective "homes", and the floor...well, you can SEE it! The only problem is the extra washer/dryer set is sitting in the corner of their bedroom. Weird, no? Hey, I suppose that's a testament to how large this room really is...they aren't in the way in the slightest! I really wish I could find our pet net doohickey so I can get the stuffed critters off of the washer/dryer where they're hanging out.

Pictures? Tomorrow. Girls are asleep. I should be too. Later, all you blogaholics!

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