Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's *almost* a smile, Grandma!!!

It may not be hard to get Kasey Lee to smile, but to catch it on camera??? Whew, it's easier to get Congress to agree to a pay cut! I know, Grandma, she's the only one you don't have a picture of with a big 'ole grin....I'm working on getting those Santa pics scanned, 'cause I PROMISE, there's a big Kasey grin to show you....but in the meantime, how's this? Not a full grin, but she just is faster than my fingers, I guess. You can, however, make out those long, stringy brown bangs of hers! Kid almost needs a haircut!
Soo.....did it pass?

1 comment:

Grandma "Nette said...

Itty bitty grin or big smile, she's beautiful!!

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