Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some pics of the new digs

First, a little disclaimer....things are not fully "done". K? There's still a ton of decorating to do and a lot of our stuff is not in it's for-good spot. We're getting a lot of it in working order, however, and I know that as far as my mom's concerned, it simply will not do to wait too much longer to see the new house.'s a few rooms to browse through. First up, our living room. Notice, Mom, that there's one of those pretty green valances you had stored away on our window. A big picture window like that is just too pretty to cover with curtains, but we needed a valance and sheers it is! The other (identical) valances are on the kitchen window and dining room windows too, and I'm thinking we may end up carrying the lightish green paint color we plan on for the dining room into the living room. All in time. This pic captures our first-of-the-morning chaos, but in this space it just doesn't seem all that bad!
Here's the dining room....the dark room, the cold room. Even with full morning sun (this is an eastern-facing room), it's still dark and not-so-welcoming. You'll notice that the green valance is barely visible!? That will be changing just as soon as I can get my hands on a paintbrush, I assure you!
View of the girls' bedroom from the doorway (off the kitchen). Those are Morgan's and Jamie's beds, still with the same bedding they've had on their beds for quite some time. We've placed the Little Tykes easel and play table up against that support pole that Shelby's head seemed to be magnetically attracted to, but despite how it looks, there is still about a two-foot space to walk in between the chunky toys and the beds.
This is taken from the right corner in the previous picture; between Morgan's bed and the wall, looking out toward the front of the house. The spare washer/dryer set is in the far right--notice it's not really in the way, just taking up a corner over there that hopefully will be ours again once the guy from Craigslist comes to get them.
Same vantage point as before, camera aimed off to the left a bit. Shelby's and Dani's beds are diagonally across the room from Morgan's and Jamie's. Still plenty of room to rearrange a bit when we need to put the crib in there.
A close-up of Dani's and Shelby's beds...just 'cause I am absolutely in love with the cuteness. Plus, Elmo and Kai-Lan look so peaceful taking naps, don't you think? By the way, those are Ty Beanies filling that basket at the foot of Shelby's bed....sad how "collector's" items suddenly turn into a preschooler's favorite carry-around-the-house toys in the blink of an eye, but hey, they're more useful now than they ever were on the shelves in Kelsey's rooms all those years!
Taken from the corner where the washer/dryer are sitting waiting for Craigslist guy. That's the laundry alcove behind the louvered doors, and the kitchen in the doorless entry. That lack of a door may eventually be a problem as the girls get older, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there; right now it's one less thing to slam fingers in!
Just for the sake of cuteness....apparently Kasey felt lonely watching Dora on her belly?


MamaArcher said...

It looks great! That looks like one fun bedroom!

Mom said...

The pictures are great! I'm thinking that the more I look at the carpet, floors, furniture, etc., the more I like the idea of the light color that's already on the LR and schoolroom walls for the DR. It makes decorating easier, doesn't limit you to matching or coordinating with a particular shade of green. And it is bright enough to liven up the dark space.

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