Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Does God scrapbook?

I've just about finished getting the scrap-stuff organized in our schoolroom/craft room. It's taken a while because the girls see me go in there and they just HAVE to follow me, because me getting out my scrapbook supplies and the finished stuff seems to beckon a look-through session. They love, as do I, to look through old photos and read the stories about each picture or event. Especially the ones that preceded them; considering there's a twelve-year gap between Kelsey and Morgan, there was a LOT of living that preceded the little girls. They're just fascinated to look and see what life was like before they arrived in our family. Quite frankly, that's one of the main reasons I've taken on scrapbooking. Besides it being a wonderful creative outlet, my scrapbooks tell a story when I can't be there to tell it myself, and I hope that the pages I've chronicled will live on for generations, telling stories of what things were like for our little (haha!) family.

Listening to Christmas music and putting away scrapbooks got me to thinking...do you think God has a scrapbook for us to look at once we get to heaven? I really hope so, because there are a LOT of things I'd like to see. I'd just love to see God-pictures of the newborn baby Jesus and the manger scene, or what that basket that baby Moses was put in looked like, because my modern-day American brain thinks of baskets as being not exactly seaworthy vessels! I would love to actually set my eyes on Eden, to see what glorious perfection Adam and Eve lived in before sin infected the world; I want to know what Peter, James, and John saw on the mount of transfiguration. I would love to look into the ark--wouldn't you?

Then again....maybe a scrapbook wouldn't be a good thing. Too many tears for God to dry, because we would be far more aware of just how LOST most of the world is....when we're in heaven, it'll all be over--no more second chances, no more arguing about what "truth" is, no more false doctrine....it will all be done away with. Maybe we just won't want to see the day Cain killed Abel; we won't want to view all the faces of those in Sodom and Gomorreh.....or San Diego, or Milwaukee, or Mobile, or anywhere else. Too much to handle.

What do you think? What do you want to see in heaven's scrapbook???


Stephani said...

Love this post. The title caught my eye because I am a scrapbooker and a Christian. These are neat thoughts you posted here.

Qtpies7 said...

Yeah, I don't know if we will care when we get there. Right now we are looking back to see how things were, but when we get there, will we have eyes for anything but Jesus?

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