Thursday, August 26, 2010


I used to think that an internet addiction could easily be a side effect of someone who just had way too much time and little to do IN that time...and then came blogging.  And Facebook.  Suddenly, this mom, whose time was already in short supply and high demand, was drawn by some irresistible pull toward a screen and a keyboard.

I'll be the first to admit that there are FAR better things for me to be doing.  But here I sit.  Why?  Is it a need to connect to other people?  Sure...but I already do that in real life.  Maybe not enough?

Do you feel alone and dejected if no one comments on your blog posts or your Facebook status updates or notes?  Why do we feel that way?  And WHY can't we pull ourselves away from this addictive little box?


Luke said...

I do feel rather dejected when my posts go commentless... mostly, I think, because I want what I write to be meaningful, helpful, important, dare I say: life-changing. And when they are inevitably not all those things, I get bummed out.

My two cents. [smile]


Barbara said...

The computer is very addictive, in all programs you interact with others, it is fun, in the spare time I am never bored any more since blogging and facebook, it really keeps me going, I love it when others add comments but do not take it to heart too much, everyone is as busy as I am so not time to do all .. Hugs Barbara

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