Monday, August 2, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook, 8/2/2010

FOR TODAY, AUGUST 2, 2010...
Outside my window... it is a gorgeous day, but still REALLY hot, and only pleasant from the comfort of my air-conditioned sanctuary.  Yes, the heat I dread so much only lasts a couple of months, but WOW. 
I am thinking... that maybe I'll re-evaluate our school calendar to have our big "break" in the Autumn and/or early Spring when we can stand to be outside instead of the one time of the year nobody wants to go out even to check the mail!
I am thankful for... air conditioning.  Seriously.  But not just that....I'm also thankful that my son is safe and that his heart seems to be on the mend.  Now if those prayers are being answered and God is melting his heart....
I am wearing... my gotta-get-the-house-clean duds--black stretch capris and a bleach-able white tee
I am remembering... my to-do list for Kasey and Shelby's birthday party this Saturday.  It's getting shorter, thank goodness!  However, that turtle dress isn't going to sew itself...
I am going... to trailer the nearly-new riding lawnmower to Pete's shop, then to Decatur where the factory repair shop is.  Hopefully whatever is causing it to fail is under warranty.  Our yard is beginning to resemble the hay fields that were baled last month!
I am currently reading... teacher's manuals and curriculum guides for the books we're using this year.  Not exactly "light" reading, but a whole lot less meaty than some of the material I've challenged myself with over the last few weeks.  Still going through The Well-Educated Mind too, finding gaps in my education that rival the Grand Canyon.
I am hoping... To have this record heat break SOON and be replaced with some good, soaking rain and cooler temperatures.  I know, it's just August....but one can hope, right?
On my mind... the mental and emotional drain of having our son come home for his mid-tour R&R around Thanksgiving, then having Pete leave the day after Thanksgiving for a full MONTH overseas.  I'd best not think too much about that; it's a tad overwhelming at the moment.
Noticing that... we all did just FINE this morning without the TV on. It was nice.
Pondering these words... "He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep in order to keep that which he cannot lose."
From the kitchen... The lovely aroma of bubbling chili is filling the house!  It may be a hundred degrees outside, but chili and fresh corn on the cob is always yummy; especially when the bowl is topped with Fritos, cheese, sour cream, and chopped scallions!  Would you believe that I have actually got my entire week's menu planned, and did ALL of my shopping yesterday!?  I shocked myself.
Around the house... things are coming together nicely.  I'm a few trim-coats away from finished (for now) in the dining room; the master bedroom is mostly done (except for the stacks of clothes that Pete is just not wanting to put away), and the schoolroom will be finished today!  The girls' bedroom is looking pretty good; I found the cutest little Tinkerbell toddler bedding sets on clearance at Walmart the other day, so Dani's, Shelby's, and Kasey's beds all match, and the purple and pink even go pretty well with Morgan's and Jamie's beds!  Now if I could only find the bunkbed hardware that Pete put away so well that he forgot where he put it...we might actually have all five girls in one room!  Maybe by the end of the month?
One of my favorite things... "kisses" from a one-year-old.  Incredibly sloppy, but don'tcha just love how much they love to hand out smooches when they finally get the idea??
From my picture journal... a picture taken several weeks ago when we visited with Pete's family in Tennessee; the girls really enjoyed the trip to the park--especially the swings!  I think we're going to have no choice but to ensure that we have at least five swings in our backyard; the two they have to share is not adequate!  Dani really loved being able to swing higher than Morgan!
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