Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm doing!

"So, how are you doing?"
"I'm doing!"

The fact of the matter is that I'm too busy to have a "good day, bad day" mentality!  I'm just "doing", not doing well or doing badly.  Isn't that where life is lived?  In the middle of the good and the bad?

If I chose to focus on the negative in my life, I could easily find plenty that would make me feel horrible about even the good things.  Conversely, if I chose to reside in the cloud-9 philosophy of life where everything is hunky-dory and nobody has any cares or worries, I'd be kidding myself.  I've got plenty! 

HOWEVER....I don't want to overlook the good OR the bad.  It's in the trials that we grow; it's in the warmth of the sun (or should that be the Son?) that we find rest and refreshment.  We really do need both!

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Dawn said...

The past couple months I've been in that 'mode', what do people call it, survival mode? Just doing what needs to get done in order to get through the day.

Thankfully though things have gotten better and I am coming out of the robot type mentality.

You will too. Just got to take one day, one hour if need be at a time and focus soley on that task, then move on to another.

And try to get some 'me time' in with our def. helps.


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