Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's September, really?

It can't be.  Sure doesn't FEEL like September!  Still feels positively sauna-ish here in Northern Alabama. 

However, the calendar doesn't lie.  We are officially on the year's downward slope, and all will pick up speed from here, racing toward the holidays and year's end.  We shouldn't be but a couple of weeks away from hearing Christmas music playing in the stores!

I need to put my calendar and planbook away.  It's scaring me.  I think the stress is really starting to creep up on me; between having a son in Afghanistan, having a daughter plan (and reschedule, and reschedule again) a wedding, a husband going to Europe for five plate overfloweth.

I'd planned on taking an internet (and blog) hiatus this week to refocus, but refocusing proved detrimental at this present juncture.  Reality is overwhelming!

1 comment:

MamaArcher said...

So sorry that stress is mounting for you. I can relate. It is ok to sit back and destress, if you can! Praying for you and your family.

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