Tuesday, September 4, 2007

She can't possibly know...

...that I found her "goodbye" letter within half an hour of when she left, and that I laid awake the rest of the night unable to get a single moment's rest because the face on the milk carton now belonged to MY child.
...how much it breaks our hearts to know that she would rather turn to the company of people who aren't the least bit concerned with her soul--only in her temporary happiness. She just can't know how much we want to believe she did this to "get things straight with God", but that her actions SCREAM out that above all else, she just wants her freedom from accountability and rules.
...that she has no fewer than 600 people praying for her return both to her home and to the Lord, but that the prayers offered up by me and her father have not ceased, nor did they begin only when she ran away.
...that no one else on this earth cares more for her future and loves her more than the two she wants the most to get away from.
...that, even though we have the God-given responsibility of doing everything in our power to help her LEARN from her mistakes instead of just acting like they never happened, that we above anyone else would love to move on with a clean slate.
...that our family isn't the same without her.

Kelsey, it's time to come home. Whatever it is, we can (with God's help) work through it. Nothing is too big for God, but the ones you're turning to aren't the help you need. God can't help you when you're choosing to remain in the company of the ones who led you away in the first place. That life has to be left behind--forever. No one else loves you like your father and I do, and no one else is as committed to seeing you through this. No one except God Himself. He is waiting, as are we.

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Qtpies7 said...

I am so glad you Kelsey is found and home again! Praise the Lord!
I'll keep praying that her spiritual life will be renewed.

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