Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where did the last two weeks go?

I can't believe how fast two weeks can fly, but tomorrow we will be flying back to Germany after what has been a positively dizzying visit. I thank God for the opportunity to be able to say goodbye to my grandmother and to do a VERY quick catch-up with the rest of our family, but it all went so fast!

In two weeks' time, Dani has gone from crawling to walking all the time, she's erupted two new teeth (that makes SIX now!), Jamie has broken the family's all-time mosquito bite record and has her little body decorated with almost twenty band-aids, and the three little girls have managed to capture the attention of an entire nursing home! Jon got in about five hours driving time and is THRILLED to have "his" Nova back even if just for a little while. Kelsey has been completely overtaken by the retail bug and is newly re-addicted to shopping. Pete got the Nova registered, cleaned and organized my parents' garage, replaced light bulbs in unreachable places, transplanted plants, and realized how much he missed Lowe's! I have been able to spend precious time with my grandmother, who as I type this is still hanging on despite fears that she wouldn't make it long enough for us to even get home to see her. "Aunt" Jill was able to drive the six hours from Georgia to Florida to see "her" babies and the namesake she's never met, and we had a wonderful day toodling around Tallahassee with her while Pete, Jon, Morgan, and Jamie drove six hours in the other direction to visit his mother and also his father. Pete and I saw our 18th anniversary come and go, with us too caught up in life and the whirlwind that this visit has become to truly celebrate what God has built between us. Life has been exhausting, but it is good.

We're feeling incredibly blessed today. Tired and travel-weary, but blessed.


Leah said...

Hope you guys are having a pleasant trip back to Germany. Reading your short recap made me tired, so I know it had to have been busy!

Brenda said...

I spoke to Dan to tell him you were heading home... he thought the funeral would be just any moment. he he... we humans try to figure out GOD'S plans. Mary is such a sweet lady and I know how I loved my grand mothers. I don't mean to be cruel...I just know where she's going and its a beautiful place and waiting on her arrival will be many family members and friends. Her mom for instance. As much as you dread losing her, her Mom will love finding her again. GLAD you are home and safe... oh by the way no pic came up????? love to you all, brenda

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