Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another week gone, already?

I know time is supposed to pass faster as one ages, but somebody grab a good hold on the reins, will ya? I blinked, and last week is GONE. No fair. I feel like I missed something.

The morning sickness probably wasn't morning sickness. It was likely either a bug or some sort of reaction to something--maybe the cream cheese that I noticed the next day as being ever-so-slightly covered in green slime. Whatever the reason, I'm glad it's gone. Beleive me, all of you gals who have suffered countless hours staring into a porcelain bowl...I do NOT envy you. My pregnancies all have their down-days, but usually later on into the second trimester when the prick-your-finger-four-times-a-day starts and toward the end when I'm on contstant doctor-watch. Those days aren't fun either...but my lack of morning sickness has been all that's kept me sane!

Okay, so there was a lot going on last week. A LOT. I had a horrid doctor's appointment on Wednesday with the clinic on base to get into the Tricare system as an OB patient and get my referral to the OB/GYN I used with Shelby (I love that guy...and I have recommended him to every pregnant woman I've met!), and let's just say I'm glad it's over and I most certainly, without a doubt, WILL be filing a complaint with the base clinic's commander. I expect professionalism from a doctor whose sole purpose during that visit was to put my name in a computer, but what I got was a nasty, sarcastic attack. "Are you nuts?," was the doctor's response to hearing I was on baby #7, and then "What, are you trying to be like that crazy Arkansas woman with 20 kids? There's something WRONG with those people!" Well, thank you, now, Mamaw, for drilling that keep-your-mouth-shut Southern decorum into my head, because all I could sputter forth from my stunned lips was, "I just need a referral, and I'll be out of your hair." Of course, my mind was reeling with witty come-backs, but at that point, I just wanted OUT. I couldn't leave that office fast enough. Oh, and apparently, the nurse, who was at least slightly less rude, thinks it's okay to tell a patient she's too old to be a mother. I did manage to say that it seems my body hasn't gotten that memo. She laughed. I laughed. But...I wouldn't have laughed if I'd have known what rudeness I was in for after my vitals were taken. UGH, I detest dealing with people like that. Deep breath. It's over. Now I've got my appointment THIS week for that all-important early ultrasound to double-check dates, growth, and to make sure Pete's little twin premonition wasn't right! If it is....well, that should be an interesting turn of events!


Tina said...

Oh Kris, I am So sorry! I can't believe people are so cruel about the most wonderful blessing God can give a woman/a couple. I'd love to have at least one baby and you are blessed with 7.
They are neither supposed to THINK stuff like that nor talk about it and to say it right into your face is an absolute no-go!

Glad you're not feeling sick any longer!
Do you know that Brandy Svensson is expecting, too? Her baby is due in September. She and you are on our prayer list in church!
Love ya - take care!

Qtpies7 said...

I am going to email you a place to enter this post in a contest about the rude things people say to moms! LOL You will win. that was BAD!
I am not as nice as you. Let's just say that.
Definitly file a complaint, though. Medical people are trained to keep their personal opinions to themselves. That is uncalled for and very unprofessional. Military or not.

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Hun you have got some patience because I would have let them have a good, Christian way of course.

Your intimate life and family planning, truth be told is none of their business in the first place and what they told you was uncalled for.
They are there to give you medical care, that's it. Period.

The thing though with filing a complaint is most likely nothing will be done, or they will get a slap on the hand and be told 'not to do that again'. That's military healthcare at it's finest.

Now if you were a General or Colonel's wife, well, things would probably be much different.

Tell us if anything was done.

You can always get a referral to get healthcare off base if push comes to shove.

Hugs to you mama!!!

Qtpies7 said...

Did you get my email about entering this into a contest? You would win with this one!

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