Monday, February 2, 2009

Not much to say, obviously.

I am almost never sitting in front of the computer anymore. Probably a good thing, all told, but it doesn't make for much decent blog-reading, now does it? There's just too much going on!

By ten this morning, I'd made breakfast, gotten dinner in the crock pot, washed and folded two loads of laundry, started a third, gotten everybody (including the "big baby") dressed, cleaned up the living room, taken a shower, and gotten Shelby down for a nap. It's no wonder I'm tired, I never slow down! The only time I sat down all morning was to change diapers! Oh yeah, I just forgot, I need to reheat my coffee, I never finished it!

Oh well. Life goes on. By the way, thank you to Tina and Luke for being cooperative with my interest study thing. It helped me do my "homework", LOL.

So what's the word here? Well, Pete got another two weeks' convalescent leave granted to him by his doctor last Friday, and was assigned two very *slight* exercises to do to work out the stiffness in his shoulder. So far, so good. Pete is still shocked at how slowly and deliberately the doc wants to take this recovery--worlds different from the military docs who were in a big fat hurry to get him OUT of their office. Hmm, it seems that having your paycheck reflect the actual job you do makes a difference in patient care!

As for other stuff, this is a full week. I have a doctor's appointment (finally) to get into the Tricare system so I can get referred to a civilian OB on Wednesday, we take the dog and kittens in to get their shots on Thursday, Shelby's well-baby checkup is on Friday, and on Saturday, Jake has a doggie "spa" treatment awaiting him at PetSmart (and hopefully he'll then be rid of some of the clumps of fur that have been falling off of him in humongous chunks). I finally had to pull out the maternity clothes this week, as I just couldn't squeeze into the jeans any longer. Eh, I might have been able to....but I do rather appreciate the ability to breathe!

Okay, I've got people complaining all around me that I've been "absent" from the foray for too long. No wonder I don't blog more often!

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Tina said...

Thank you for taking time and "donating" some of your precious moments to keep us updated.
Today, while I was vacuum-cleaning, I was thinking about you (but the cleaning wasn't the reason!) and I prayed for you.

Take care!

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