Friday, February 20, 2009

I love my doctor!

Maybe it's just because I've had HORRID experiences with military (and a couple of civilian) OB's in the, it's not. My doc is GREAT. Even if this were the last baby we were to ever have, I'd keep Dr. Conrad's name on my list to be my "girly stuff" doctor as long as we live in Huntsville and he's in practice! This guy is an absolute gem! SOOOO much better than the hands-off, bad-bedside-mannered doctors I've dealt with in the past.

Yep, I had my first official OB appointment. It went "okay", I guess. Kind of hard to find the baby's heartbeat, but that was no surprise, considering all of my kids liked to hide from probes of all sorts in utero. However, the ultrasound went well, there is just ONE baby in there (thank you, Lord, I am just not up to more than that!), and he/she looks healthy. Me....well, not so much. I'm now on blood pressure medication because my BP is as high as it was when they induced me for pre-eclampsia with Danica two and a half years ago. Dr. Conrad is great about it, though. He just laughed and said, "You're not under any STRESS, now are you?" Naaahhhhh.....

Anyway, he did admit that it's most likely the heredity (thanks, Mom and Dad!) that was the root of the BP issues, not pregnancy. He said that other than that, I'm healthy and everything looks great. He says I "do" pregnancy and childbirth well, other than the minor glitches. It's a wonder to him (and me) how I've made it through six 'diabetic' pregnancies without a single dose of insulin, and all of the babies have been under 8 pounds. I'm certainly not a textbook patient! He also loves big families (he's got one himself), so I don't get the negative junk from him that I do from, tactful doctors like the creep I saw on base a few weeks ago. My next appointment is the "big" ultrasound, and interestingly, it's on my birthday! Hmm.....would be a REALLY nice present to be able to get a reason to put a little BLUE in our lives, don'tcha think?

As for other stuff, Pete is now back at work. So far, so good, although he did WAY too much when he went back on Wednesday, and ended up having a nasty reaction to his Vicodin that night. It was pretty ugly. His doctor isn't releasing him to a physical therapist (or is that 'terrorist', Mom?) just yet, he wants to make doubly sure that Pete's shoulder has fully healed before they do any exercising it. We both have wonderful doctors, don't we?

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