Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Lots of new developments at the House of Chaos already this week! Pete is sleeping upstairs, laying horizontally again like normal people sleep, and he's spending most of the day out of his sling. Not really off the big drugs yet, but he's trying to wean himself off of them. Shelby is back to sleeping......no......I'm not even going to TYPE it. I'm superstitious when it comes to saying stuff like "we've made progress!!!", because usually all it takes is for me to say it to have it reverse itself, so I'm not going to mention the sleep thing. I'm just much better rested.

And....drumroll........the all-powerful King Ty has been DETHRONED! Little Tucker has taken big ole Tyroneous Maximus DOWN a notch! Awesome!!!! We still have some tussels, but nothing nearly as awful as before. It seems little Tuck just needed to grow into his attitude! Ty is oddly humble, not being the big man on campus anymore, and we feel SO much better now that we can leave the house with all kitties in the same room! Yippeee!!!!!

Not much else, but I'd like to petition my oh-so-loyal and wonderful readership to help me out with a little research study, if you'd be SOOOOO kind? We're doing a study at church on evangelism and one of our assignments for this week is to gauge interest on some rather simple questions...just curiosity's sake, really. I just need a tad bit of your wonderful help, if you please?

All I need is a comment answering a few simple questions. First, which of the following questions is most interesting to you (not asking for an answer TO the question, just which interests you):

Is there a God?
If so, who is God?
Is a day of judgment coming?

After you tell which question interests you, tell me why. And then, if you please, let me know what your thoughts on God are. No wrong answers, nobody's being graded. This is ONLY an interest study. All anonymous, K?

Thanks SO much if you help me out--have I ever mentioned how I love all of you who read my "stuff"? Are you knee-deep in the flattery yet?


Tina said...

First of all, good to read you're a bit more at normal all together (including cats :-)
to answer your questions:
I think the third one interests me the most ('cause I know, there is a God - I met him - and "who is God" - a lot for me! summarized by "my father") I also know that there will be a day of judgment coming, because it's written in the bible, just when and how is interesting for me and I sometimes think about it. Not specifically, I am not a fortune teller. I am just wondering and I am glad I don't have to be afraid of it.
Hope those could help you.

Luke said...

I'm not exactly trying to be difficult, but I'm being a little difficult [smile]. I don't like doing Anonymous things, so, yes, this is me.

And I'm not too interested in any of those three questions. There is a God, I've got a rough idea of who He is, and a day of judgment is eventually coming (how, when, and exactly why... that's still up for debate [smile]). I'm much more interested in "why" God does certain things, and "how" He is doing them. I guess it's my controlling nature. There are also far too many questions surrounding all that, that if answered, I'd be a little less confused all the time [smile].

Sorry to be so problematic. [smile]


Qtpies7 said...

Sorry, I also am not interested in any of those questions since they have long since been answered to my satisfaction and joy.

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