Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas recap in pictures

Okay, here 'tis...the onslaught of Christmas pictures. It took me a while to weed through them all! Mom, there's probably a dozen more, but these are the best.

Charlie and Tucker spooned together (notice Tuck's little black arm tossed over Charlie's side?)in the kitty carrier on the van's front seat on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house (say it with me......"AWWWWWWWWW"):
The girls (and a tuckered-out Tucker) hard at "work" coloring pictures for Grandma's fridge:
Charlie playing peek-a-boo from the inside of the tree...notice the little orange kitty nose just below the Santa ornament?

Is there anything as gorgeous as a Christmas tree glowing in the darkness of Christmas morning?
Are you serious? You woke US up?
I believe Dani's exact words were "NO pippers!" Sorry, kiddo....you made the mistake of being too cute NOT to take "pippers" of!
The only one of our kids that we'd WILLINGLY give an oversized bag of ginormous Twizzlers to...after all, if his ADHD gets out of control because of all that red 40, it's his squad leader's problem!
The carnage:
Wow, we all actually fit in one camera frame....one giant bad hair day (except Grandpa)!This has to be my all-time favorite Christmas picture EVER....Shelby's face says it all. I think I'm going to have this one blown up poster-size, it's that hilarious (not just the huge drool-pool):
I hope everyone had a picture-imperfect Christmas...we sure did!


Qtpies7 said...

Haha, so cute! Love her look.

mary grace said...

Love the pictures! THanks for sharing!

Teri said...

HAHAHA....Love the Shelby picture! Oh, the kitties are cute too...but Shelby! *grin*

Sheri said...

Well, my 18 yold and 20 yold still bellyache that I take too many "pippers" too, so I guess it just their personalities. The baby is adorable-I should think that one will win a contest! And you can have our snow dear-and our -24 degree wind chill! Cold is not the word I am thinking of to describe it-more like "bone brittling arctic blast" -is spring here yet?
Take care and thanks for the fun posts-
Oh, put your Tomcat in a room with our Queen Cleopatra and she'll tame him into a subserviant eunich. She is the narliest we've ever come across! We charge $100 per hour. :-)

Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing your memories with the rest of us! :)

Yeah that last picture of Shelby needs a caption of sorts. :) What a cutie!

Wendy said...

She looks just like Pete! How cute. I can't get over how big she is. Gavin's a puny 13 pounds!

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