Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to checking the calendar again

...just to see what day it is. Maybe it's that I'm just SOOOO tired from Shelby still getting up 3x a night and now taking care of a much BIGGER baby since Pete had his surgery, but WOW. I've not felt exhaustion like this in....well, I don't know that I've ever felt exhaustion like this. And I have absolutely not a clue at all what day it is when I wake up. I have to cross the day off of the calendar just so I'll know whether to get everybody dressed for church in the morning! is Friday, right? I'm also getting nauseous for the FIRST time in all of these pregnancies....why? Okay, this one is officially...different.

News--Pete's surgery went very well. It took the ortho doctor an hour and a half to get his shoulder all fixed up. Turns out that the docs in Germany were either lazy or lying...there WAS another tear in his labrum, very obviously visible to anyone doing an MR-arthrogram, plus the "bursitis" wasn't bursitis, it was two bone spurs. All better now; with three holes in Pete's shoulder and three stitches, it's over. Oh, and we also found out that after the last surgery (in June of '04), the surgeon probably did more harm than good ordering immediate intense physical therapy. The nurse turned white as a sheet when I asked her what they wanted him doing this time around, since no therapy had been mentioned...she said "Nothing!", and then proceeded to tell me about how labral tears need babying, not therapy, after they've been repaired. Hmm....yet another reason for me to distrust military if my Army-captain-anesthesiologist who nearly killed me and the OB who couldn't be bothered with a laboring patient wasn't enough? Thank God we're both back in civilian hands!

Pete is healing well; he's already managed to drop his arm a bit and let it dangle for a few seconds. Good signs. He's in a sling, on some big-time narcotics, so by the looks of how high he's flying....he'll have his pilot's license by the time they wean him off of the pain pills! He's been sleeping downstairs, which sure does leave the bedroom quiet! His first surgeon told him it really didn't matter how he slept, as long as he was comfortable; THIS surgeon....well, Pete was given strict orders to sleep upright with his arm supported, so every night I rearrange the living room with the love seat facing the sofa to give him one BIG surface for his legs. He's got more pillows than a Bed, Bath, and Beyond display, but he's comfy! Me? Well, ironically, my shoulder is REALLY hurting!

Other news....our big Butterball of a baby has surpassed all of her other siblings in weight. It took Jon and Kelsey both ten months to pass sixteen pounds; it took them each another year to hit 20 pounds. Shelby....well, at five months, she now weighs 18 pounds. Of pure baby blubber. Oh my.


sneezymom said...

I hope you begin getting some rest soon. I am glad to hear Pete is now going to be able to heal up right! Kiss those sweet babies for me in between the nausea. Maybe I finally get to buy you something blue?!

Tina said...

I know about shoulder surgery - I had two last year (end of May and in July).
The second was necessary because the doctors didn't LISTEN to what I said and so after the first surgery a tendon ripped. After the 2nd surgery (they fixed the ripped tendon and replaced the surface of the humerus head/ball whatever, the round thing) I wasn't allowed to move my arm for 6!! weeks. It's still not 100% fine after that.

Tina said...

Hope you feel better soon - and that you can sleep better!

Qtpies7 said...

Wow, you sure got a chunker there! My kids were all skinny, between 19-21lbs on their first birthday.

So, when are you getting that ultrasound that will rule out twins,lol.

Sheri said...

oh, man-did I miss something? I cannot get around much to other's blogs, but you're preggie? Goodness and the hubby's surgery/recovery and butterball baby too? No wonder you never get any rest! Sure hope you are all sleeping/resting and things get back to normal for ya!
Blessings dear.

Dawn said...

I'm with Sheri...I must have missed something as I didn't see anything mentioned about about a wee new blessing on the way.
Congratulations to you and the family!!!
What a way to bring in 2009. :-)

I will be praying for you, for strength, for sleep, for a sense of normalcy. :-)

I am glad your husband's surgery went well.
Yeah some of those surgeons / doctors in Germany need to go back to school.
When my husband has surgery for his kidney stones, he was up in Landstuhl and his doc there was this Navy guy 'with over 20 years expierence' (he kept reminding us of that fact for some reason) but he really didn't pay much attention to my husband's care because he said everything my hubby was going through was 'normal'...yeah real normal there pal hence the reason he ended up back in the hospital and needless to say that doc was not happy when he checked back in to get seen.

Sorry for my ramblings...oooo must tend to dinner before I end up burning it. :-)

Many blessings to you!


Sheri said...

Hi, I gave ya an award. Go to my
blog and find out how to claim it.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you sweetie. Life is crazy busy around here too and I haven't had much time to check in. But, I was thinking of you today.

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