Thursday, January 15, 2009

Woah, who opened the door to the Arctic?

It's COLD here in North Alabama!!! We're supposed to have wind chills in the negative single-digits today! Wha????? We didn't even have temps this cold in Germany!

I just wanna know why we can't have SNOW to go along with all this frozen air?


Tina said...

HA! you should have been in Germany the last couple days: -28°C in Saxony on January 7th, that is -18,4°F!
Here in Wiesbaden we made it -15°C (5°F)...

Qtpies7 said...

One word for you


Try -38. Cody had ICICLES hanging off his EYELASHES on Tuesday, and that wasn't even the coldest day of the week. Schools are shut down for the cold temps, not even snow.
I even broke down and bought boots today. Still haven't broke down and bought hat or gloves, though.

Dawn said...

I miss the cold and even the snow (when it did snow in D-stadt) of Germany.
I have been asking God to send a blizzard here to Texas for me, but He just hasn't done that yet :) The coldest we have gotten here was 19 degrees, but it's going back up to the 60's and 70's...I think spring is already on it's way here.
Just the other day I was in Target and they have all the bikinis and swim suits out already! Ugh!!!

God Bless You!

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