Friday, September 25, 2009

Gettin' it together!

It's taking a while, especially after taking almost a full month off from any of my own daily duties for that bear of a recovery from my c-section (and the, er....complications) but I think we're finally back in some semblance of a routine! I convinced Pete while he was home on paternity leave (thank you, US Army, for that wonderful little gift of ten days!) that we really NEED to weed through this mountain of stuff we've amassed and....gulp.....GET RID OF IT!!!! He was slow to come around to a lot of the things that he thinks we'll somehow need "eventually", but we're getting there. One huge dish-crate packing box and three garbage bags full of clothing went to a clothing swap earlier this month, and I don't know how many boxes of junk we've just thrown away, but it's getting less and less cramped in here by the minute!

My biggest organizational challenge this year was really finding what works for us and how to get the house arranged so I'm not spending valuable time backtracking all day. Probably the last issue is getting the computer downstairs. Yep, I am still typing in my bedroom while the girls play downstairs. I don't like it! Pete says the issue is getting the wireless thingie working again....I know it works, because his laptop has wireless access and it works just fine. It's THIS computer that seems to need to be hardwired. That stinks. Maybe this weekend?

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