Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a wonderful night!

We have been having a wonderful revival meeting with the preacher whose feet I grew up at--Dan Jenkins baptized both me and Pete into Christ (me at the age of 11, Pete a few days before our wedding) and even officiated our wedding, so having him here in Huntsville has been like a bit of "home" in our new home...which, ironically, was Dan's childhood home! You know, ever since we moved back to Alabama last year, we've had a bunch of full-circle moments, and last night was yet another--one neither of us really saw coming!

Twenty years ago yesterday, Pete was immersed into Christ...and last night, following yet another amazing sermon, a guest of Kelsey's (a soldier here on the Arsenal) named Chris confessed Christ and asked to be Pete! As thrilled as we all were to see a new Christian being born, it was just surreal that it all happened as it did. Neat, huh?

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