Monday, September 28, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook, 9/28/2009

FOR TODAY...September 28th

Outside my window... The grass that Pete finally got to mow yesterday is starting to brown. Two weeks of rain really made the lawn shoot up and the clumps of fresh-cut grass are covering the entire yard, it was just so long when he cut it! The first signs of Fall are peeking out of the green trees, and we're all looking forward to the cooler temperatures that the Weather Channel is promising us for later in the week.

I am thinking... That I simply must convince the girls that eating from the Cookie Crisp snack bags that they didn't touch yesterday does not constitute as breakfast, but logically I know that there is far more sugar in the blueberry waffles I just offered as an alternative...

I am thankful for... My sweet hubby (and the daughter and temporary "foster" son) who finally moved my computer downstairs so I now have the opportunity to steal a quiet moment to blog! YAY!!!

I am wearing... Ash gray warm-up pants and a light blue tee. I guess I should change before my PT session?

I am remembering... That I have to make this short so I can clean the school table of all of the stuff that was piled on it last night as we moved the desk and the computer so the girls have a workspace to do their schoolwork on.

I am going... To physical therapy at 10:30, then back home. It's our new policy to stay home during the week, and I plan on sticking with it! The only exception is to physical therapy appointments, plus using our day "off" to do grocery shopping and whatever other weekday errands need to be done.

I am reading... "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris. Amazing read. Very challenging even to my not-so-teen-anymore self!

I am hoping... To continue the trend of getting one room a day "done" so that in time we don't have clutter and chaos ruling the house.

I am hearing... Dora the Explorer, and three girls yelling "THE MAP!!!", as Shelby tries to keep up, saying "MAAA!!!!" along with them. Cute!

From the learning rooms... Our second week of school begins today. Kelsey will start the Physical Geography text that we dug out of the book box that Pete finally found, as well as getting her last class loaded up on Switched-On Schoolhouse (geometry)--she doesn't need the additional math credit, but even though she has geometry covered through Saxon's Algebra 1 and 2, she really just needs the additional math practice. One more credit won't hurt. She'll also start the German language program today as well. She learned enough while we lived over there to hold a basic conversation, ride the train by herself (much to Mom's chagrin), find a bathroom, order a meal, and answer the phone. That counts for something, right? No reason to require any other foreign language than the one she lived for three years!

Noticing that... Jamie seems to almost NEED to sing every waking minute of the day; it's as if the silence frustrates her. Right now, she's singing the names of the judges of Israel alternated with the apostle song. The kid can list more at the age of 4 than I can at 36, all from the songs she's learned. Wow.

A few plans for the week... Right now, the only things on the to-do list include physical therapy, grocery shopping, and schoolwork! I kind of like it that way. Pete does begin the preliminaries for his retirement physical and applying for a job that is opening this week. It just amazes me that after 20 long years, the time has finally come to face civilian life!

From the kitchen... Time to get back into the routine of making a meal plan each week! It's ironic that blogging actually helps to keep me MORE organized! Tonight, we'll have London broil, roasted potatoes, and field peas. Yummy!

Around the house... The refrigerator is still dribbling, so I think it's going to need replacing. Thankfully, living in military housing means that's someone else's problem, not ours! There are messes to clean up, of course, but we're really getting a handle on that problem in a hurry, and I'm thrilled that neatness is becoming a regular thing.

From my picture journal... the reason I can't seem to keep my pantry clean! Well, ONE of the several reasons, I should say.

Many thanks to Peggy for hosting The Simple Woman's Daybook!


One More Equals Four said...

Loved reading your daybook this morning. I am a homeschooling mom to four and am just barely surviving this year, it is nice to see someone like you who has made it through with more!

Hope you have a nice simple those!

Qtpies7 said...

Love that pic! LOL My pantry isn't that big, so noone can go IN it, but it is still always a mess. Frustrating.
I like the idea of not leaving the house, but I can't do that this year because the kids are taking a class at the public school, and it is across town, so I need to drive, twice.

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