Thursday, March 18, 2010

The first "set" of birthdays

I'm terrible at this "keeping up" thing.

A whole month ago, our not-so-little Jamie turned five. That is HARD to believe, for some reason. I still can't wrap my mind around her being so OLD already! She plays the part well, though. Learning to tell time (she's got it down to the hour now, yay!), learning to read, learning to add, learning how to spell everything under the sun, coloring with detail that shocks us....she's not a baby or even a toddler anymore. I guess when you deal with potty training, bottles, and sippy cups all day, you just don't get to think about how quickly the older ones are growing up right under your nose! Jamie truly loved turning five and being the "same age" as Morgan for a whole 15 days!
Just two weeks and two days after Jamie's birthday, we celebrated another birthday (aside from Dani, who has her "own" birthday in October, our kids have birthdays in two's!) as Morgan turned six! Complete with the missing front tooth that she refused to show off in pictures, Morgan "defines" all that is six years old. She wants to do EVERYTHING that older people do. She even wants to do the dishes! This year, (FINALLY!!!!!) Morgan has a new "love" other than princesses--Hello Kitty! Better. I can deal with Hello Kitty; the princess thing made me a wee bit nauseous at times!

Next "set" of birthdays is next week! For the first time, we won't be with Jon on his birthday. Can we send a cake to Kandahar?

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