Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What just happened?

WhenI look at the date of my last blog entry and try to process everything that has gone on in that "short" amount of time, I get a headache. I'm dizzy from life spinning seemingly out of control, and it's just nuts! Quick run down....

Pete...enjoying his new job and military retirement, but now has ANOTHER job offer, from a bigger company, potentially paying a lot more and doing exactly what he wanted...but it requires a good deal of travel--overseas. He's pulling his newly-grown hair out over this one.

Kelsey...has finally ended the wishy-washy, what-to-do-after-graduation roller coaster and is enlisting. In the Army. I don't know if I'm thrilled that she's finally decided something or terrified that I'll have TWO children on active duty...I guess I'm just numb.

Jon...well, now, Jon is a great source of stress lately. Engaged by the end of January to someone he met on New Year's Eve, they planned an impromptu before-deployment wedding, then her family put the brakes on that and now they're "just" engaged...his fiancee (whom we love dearly) is now my right-hand girl and is staying with us about a third of the week. Jon deployed to Afghanistan on Monday, so my heart is on stand-still for a year. There really is nothing quite like seeing your only son leave for a year in a war zone. All those years I "trained" as an Army wife, plus all the deployments with Pete...they prepared me (albeit not very well) for this.

Morgan...lost her first tooth and learned how to tie her shoes all in one week. her first TWO teeth, learned to sit up, started crawling, and started pulling up, all in two weeks!

Dani...still not potty trained.

Jamie...not enjoying being the "little" sister whose teeth aren't loose and whose shoes need to be tied by someone else. OH, the perils of being five.

Ty...last but not least, this silly cat had to go and get an injury that first looked like a broken tail but turned out to be just an abcess. That was one scary few days.

I'm tired. I need a serious Calgon month...or two...or three.

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