Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here we grow again!

Moms spend years praying for their children's future mates, and in the last six months, both of my older children have become engaged, so I've gotten to meet those people I've been praying for anonymously all these years! Yes, Kelsey is now engaged too. Derrick is a sweet young man (and quiet...which is a stark contrast to Kelsey's VERY outgoing and chatty nature!) who obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ about a month and a half ago. He actually gave her a purity/promise ring when they began their relationship in a promise to her that they would remain pure.

I was skeptical, but here we are! The date's set...so we've got 340 days to plan this thing!

Oh my. I think I'm going to be referencing frugal wedding planning "stuff" online like this quite a bit over the next few months!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Hugs my friend, yes it happens to all of us, one day they are small and hanging all over us, then the next day they are standing at the altar, hugs and have a great time in planning. Babrara

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