Monday, June 28, 2010

Lessons from a kitten

We have two new kittens at our house. This brings the feline count to five. Yes, I know, I'm running the risk of becoming the crazy cat lady rather early in life, but cats are like potato chips--you can't have just ONE! Okay, maybe you can, but they end up being really neurotic "only children". Wanna see the new "babies"? Here they are: Allie (MY kitten) is the black calico, and the other one is Abbie, Kelsey's kitten.

Something I've noticed while watching these little balls of fluff interact with the world as they learn their new place in our household is that they have a tendency to bite off WAAAY more than they can chew when it comes to their relationships with the other (older and MUCH larger) cats, not to mention the 85-pound dog. What on earth makes these little gals think they can take on such a large animal, and why would they continue to stand their ground, spitting, hissing, and fighting mad, when the bigger critter threatens to flatten them? I can't count the times I've seen sights like this over the last two weeks (this is not either of our kitties, just an example):

Why? Well, they're a lot like humans, if you think about it. We do the same thing. We have the innate ability to find challenges that are just way too much for us to handle and we do everything in our power to "prove" that we can handle it. What's funny is that God is probably sitting up there watching us with a smirk on His face thinking the very same thing that I've thought several times watching my take-on-the-world kittens--"There is NO WAY you can handle that. Dealing with stuff so much bigger than yourself is MY job."

Fortunately for the kittens, we big, strong humans are here to pluck them out of their failed attempts at world domination. Unfortunately for us humans, though....we aren't often willing to step back and let God handle things that are just way out of our league.

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Barbara said...

They are just adorable, I know they bring much pleasure to your life, animals are so very special.
Hugs and blessings my friend.

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