Sunday, June 6, 2010

Organizine my shopping--PLEASE!

I've been telling myself for far too long that I really NEED to get my grocery shopping organized, because let's face it...when you live a block from the store that you do the bulk of your shopping at, it's just all too tempting to rely on daily or many-times-a-week trips "just around the corner" to pick up what's needed *right then*. It did not help to live in Europe for three years, where it's common practice to do your grocery shopping DAILY--their teeny little fridges just don't hold a week's worth of food for a whole family of seven, eight, or we ended up losing our weekly grocery shopping trip--and the organization of having all the shopping done at ONCE and the meals planned out for the week. It stinks, and I'm just really tired of this bad habit.

Oh, and another thing....I got way out of the practice of clipping coupons, because we didn't have the wonderful Sunday paper with all those glorious coupons and sale flyers! THAT part of living overseas I really missed, I'll tell you that! My coupon book dwindled down to nothing...and it's time to right that particular wrong!

While I was in the commisary (one of the four trips) last week, I noticed a lady with a 3-ring binder balanced in the shopping cart and it made me do a double-take! She had coupons organized beautifully in her binder in playingl card display pages! OH MY!!! Pete laughed at me for a good five minutes because I just couldn't contain my newfound obsession; I truly had a "Be still, my heart" moment about a coupon organizer!

men...they just don't get it, do they?

I love my household organizer-binder. Really, I do. But I'm always keeping my eyes out for ways to make it serve me better--and I found it balanced on that shopping cart in the meat section of the commisary! I found it yet again when I did a search for what on earth those pages were (I had no idea they were playing card pages....DUH....I've only seen about two thousand of them between my husband and my son's respective baseball card obsessions) and how to go about getting my coupons organized! I found Mom's Build-It Yourself Coupon Organizer and now I'm bound and determined to get myself going with some more organized shopping trips! I'm off now to get started! Be back when I've got myself a plan, y'all!

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Printable Coupons said...

I have that same coupon organizer. It really does help!

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