Monday, July 26, 2010

I don't miss it.

Three and a half weeks ago, hubby, kids and I left town to spend the Independence Day weekend with his dad.  Somehow, my cell phone not only got left behind, but apparently, it got lonely and ran away from home.  It never made it out of the house with any of us, but it's also nowhere to be found!

You want to know something truly shocking?

I don't miss it.

I don't miss being at the world's beck and call at every minute of every day, no matter what I'm doing or where I am.  I don't mind in the slightest having to take a list and depend on memory to tell me whether or not we have mayonnaise in the fridge when I go out shopping.  In fact, buying more mayonnaise when I really didn't need it turned out to be a GOOD thing, because I ran out at a rather inconvenient time!

I don't have Facebook mobile, but I know many, MANY people who do, and I really don't think I'd miss being alerted every single time someone updated their status.  I truly DO have better things to do with my day than spend it staring at a phone.

Like LIVE my life.

Do you remember when people actually talked (gasp--IN PERSON) instead of instant messaging, chatting online, or exchanging two hundred badly-worded, grammatically-horrific text messages over the course of the day?  Do you remember when the biggest distraction in your car was the Big Gulp in your lap?

I miss THAT.  No...not distractions.  I miss the lack of distractions--when we were free to just LIVE without some silly ring tone reminding us that the instant world was simply going to collapse if we put the phone DOWN and just interacted with the people we were there in the room with.  I miss when it was rude to interrupt a meal with a phone call.  I miss when people sitting in a restaurant were all talking to each other.  I miss not having announcements before every movie and church service REMINDING people that they needed to turn off their cell phones...and the inevitable ring tone that interrupts the movie and church service anyway, because someone forgot.

Can you just IMAGINE if, for some strange reason, the United States encountered a nationwide media blackout for ONE FULL DAY????

Oh, the horrors!

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Barbara said...

I think that would be wonderful, if everyone laid down their cell phones, computers and TV's for one day, what peace and comfort you would get with the Father, amen, we do not spend enough time with our families or with the lord, we do not have a cell phone, we get a little one to take on a trip when we go, other than that we do not have one, do not want one, and you never miss what you never had, hugs good post, and have fun...

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