Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well all-righty then!

So.....I get a message from the Cutest Blog on the Block that my previous blog theme was being deleted.....

Here we are--simplicity. Standard Blogger theme. Maybe IT won't go anywhere.

Ya think?

As far as my writer's block goes, this really was the right time of year to have it; there has been not a single five minutes of any day to actually do any blogging in anyway! I'm writing this as I wait for everyone to be finished with breakfast so we can get moving and head off to the commissary for the weekend's groceries (and you read that right; I have still not planned adequately enough to have ALL of my grocery shopping done)!

I don't think we've had a "down" day for a week, come to think of it. Maybe next week?

One of these days, I've got to scrounge up some semi-free time so I can get some lesson planning done, if I want to stick to my schedule of starting school the first week in August. I've started all the other years the week after Labor Day....and as I stare at the calendar disappearing before my eyes, I remember all too vividly WHY I did things that way. I do at least have most of the school room arranged the way I want it; there's still a mountain of books atop the table in there, because I'm still weeding through what I have no reason to keep for twelve more years till the younger girls can grow into books the older two used in high school. The bookworm in me is in agony every time I take a book off of the shelf and box it up. She'll be okay; we still have to educate five more children!

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Teri said...

I like this template. Easy to read on.

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